Last year I was hired to create a visual language for the 3rd season of Epizode festival which is a unique music and art festival held annually in Vietnam’s biggest and most blissful island — Phu Quoc. Event’s main goal is bringing the latest electronic music trends to Asia, while showcasing the best regional talents at the same time. Epizode aims to become the winter hub of party goers, travellers and industry people, and to connect East and West. We started in September and finished right before the New Year holidays, during this period I've made hundreds of visuals, banners, print and digital adverts, sponsorship presentations and posters. But of course everything starts with a logo. Epizode has its logo, but every year there is a small season–number–touch and change of font family, this time we needed to integrate number 3, choose a new font and define a new palette.
The guys gave me some references before we started working and at the same moment i've got the palette, main graphic element and the whole mood in my head. Tropical night colours, palm leaves and party photos combined together and shaken well into a vivid cocktail.
At a certain point we realised the necessity of creating a mascot character for this season. And while thinking of Asia and all that good vibes festival brings and all that lucky people who were able to visit, we came upon an absolutely obvious symbol — the maneki-neko cat! 
Epizode is not only those 11 days of dancing on the beach, it also has pretty big warm up tour over Asia, Australia and partly Europe. Parties at local venues with headliners of the festival were ment to connect people with the festival.
While working on endless posters and social media images for the Tour i received quite an awaited request 
to design special t–shirts, backpacks, waist–bags and loooots of stickers for upcoming Epizode. Well… done! :) 
There were hundreds of different tasks to be done and one of them was to create set of icons for the website, explaining some rules and policies of the festival and providing information about activities and lineups. 
And some more visuals for artists of course…
Epizode is one of those festivals that last for more than a couple of days, so naturally, as many of you would expect, there are label–showcase–parties. One of the last big tasks was to make a poster for every showcase.
Well… it was a really long run and here I'm just showing some essentials of all the work that had been done for 5 months. I have to say that it was exhausting in some days (and nights) but mostly exciting and (at a certain point) challenging. We had very good connection with the festival team which resulted in smoothness of all design–related processes. Looking forward for next long run! 
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