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Gagarinskiy District. New look. Personal project.
Techno Gipsy. Summer 2015.
Second Nature. Restaurant. Koh Samui, Thailand.
Kazantip Music. Record label logo.
HASCCA identity
Ponchicof. Donuts & coffee.
Cap & Beard logo
Yadviga Locika / logo
Event For Brand
Arma 17 posters (2)
Highway Recs Showcase posters (1)
Tshirt prints for Maryjane.ru
Deepology Rec. t-shirt
Arma17 posters (1)
CoolTool records
CD covers (1)
Snob Magazine / NY card
RTS fm / stickers & posters
Live Pictures identity
Club Graphics '08
Zoom @ Arma17
Club Gorod Weekly materials
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